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Dolphin Consulting provides the most successful and influential CRM solutions from multiple vendors to best meet our clients’ needs. We offer expertise in selecting, training, implementing, and supporting for dozens of the most effective CRM packages on the market today.

Sales Consulting Articles

8 Closing Attempts later & no sale…Commit to Providing & Selling Value First – We have all been in closing situations on both sides of the table. Whether we perceived the salesperson as being pushy, or the prospects as being an over-analytical fear-filled doubter, each sale always comes down to a conveyance of feeling and a perception of value. Sales people have been trained for years with emphasis on closing techniques, and yet today’s well-educated prospects are resistant to a series of closing techniques they may know better than your sales person. There is no doubt that getting your sales people to simply ask for the business consistently is a major challenge facing businesses. As such, the cute and coined, though often tart closing techniques are trained over and over to sales people. On a larger macro scale as a company though, your sales depend on a commitment to adding value as an organization and to your sales people conveying value and a real commitment to your industry and solution. Read More

Your sales people would rather be on Facebook than make cold calls.   Get them to work like a Marathon Runner Trains. Read More

Are you finding the right prospects in the most efficient way possible and catering your message to them? Read More


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