Sales Training

Our sales training starts at the core - the sales person's environment - We teach your staff to eliminate objections by selling real value. Help you staff close more deals... Find out about our variety of sales training programs.

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Sales Culture Consulting

We help you improve your sales culture and sales team, by building commitment to your industry and products. Grow your sales team and add real value to your customers to increase your profits.

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Sales Process Consulting and Implementation

Our consultants help you improve your sales process for better qualifying, and close rates. We help you leverage technology to make your sales staff more productive.

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Building Your Sales Team and Culture

Dolphin Consulting helped Instant Customer rapidly grow and train our sales team. I recommend Dolphin Consulting for any company needing sales training, implementation of sales processes and sales management consulting.

Gene Nafultyev - Former COO - Instant Customer
Austin, Texas; San Diego, CA; Boston, MA

Dolphin Consulting helped us to improve our sales processes, including better qualifying leads in the film industry and to implement the processes around the Zoho CRM Software. Thanks to Dolphin, our sales have improved dramatically.

Alex Nohe - Partner - Circus Road Films
Los Angeles, CA; Austin, Texas

Dolphin Consulting helped our startup business grow. We had no idea how much we could learn from Dolphin about sales. Thanks for the excellent sales training.

Dustin Larson - Owner -
Austin, Texas

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